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U.S. Motors

Regional Electric Motor Warehouse

We maintain a large factory inventory of Horizontal and Vertical Electric Motors in our Denver, Colorado warehouse. AC & DC Motors from 1/4HP to 4500HP available for fast shipment. Built for performance, U.S. Motors are reliable and long lasting, providing years of dependablity.


Worldwide Electric Motors

Stocking distributor of Fractional HP Motors as well as Horizontal and Vertical Motors for every application. Factory-direct prices from the largest importer of electric motors in the USA.


ABB Low Voltage Drives & Controls

Offering a large selection of Variable Speed Drives, Accessories, and Motor Control products. ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact.


Sprecher + Schuh

Motor Controls, Line Reactors, Contactors, Enclosed Motor Starters and Soft Starts. Crafted with precision and tested rigorously for performance - far exceeding industry standards.



Eriflex Flexibar Wire Replacement, Busbars & Distribution Blocks. Flexibar is the preferred conductor for panelboard designers and assemblers throughout Europe and the Americas. Proven low voltage application success worldwide.


Integra Enclosures

NEMA Polycarbonite Enclosures. Designed for use in electrical automation, construction, water treatment, instrumentation, utility, HVAC, or any other application requiring enclosures which are non-corrosive, non-conductive, and easy to install at a competitive price.

 Emerson Industrial Automation and Drives

Emerson Industrial Automation

Emerson is a leading manufacturer of AC and DC variable speed drives, servos and power conversion equipment for commercial and industrial applications. Their innovative products are used in the most demanding applications requiring performance, reliability and energy efficiency.


Mersen (formerly Ferraz Shawmut)

Fuses & Fusegear. Offering the widest range of circuit protection products in the industry including a comprehensive line of UL, Midget and miniature fuses and fuse gear.



Driveflex Flexible VFD & Motor Supply Cable. Designed to meet the unique electrical challenges in VFD and Servo applications in harsh environments. Driveflex offers the most flexible drive cable in its class.



Motor Bearing Protection Rings. Protect your motor from electrical bearing damage for life. Protection against static electric voltages onto the shaft of AC and DC motors naturally caused by using Variable Frequesncy Drives (VFD).


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Eriflex Flexibar Flexible Insulated Busbar


Erico`s ISO 9001 certified quality control procedures and proprietary automated manufacturing processes have made ERIFLEX® FLEXIBAR the preferred conductor for panelboard designers and assembl...

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